Travis Scott Proposes To Dismiss The Travis Scott Lawsuit Tragically Trampled On 10 People To Death

Travis Scott and his attorney have released a joint denial of all charges in the Travis Scott lawsuit related to the chaotic, stampede tragedy that left 10 people dead and hundreds injured at a music festival. the annual Astroworld music founded by this male rapper

Why Is Travis To Dismiss The Travis Scott Lawsuit?

Travis Scott applied to a US court on December 6. In his application to the court, this male rapper asked the judge to dismiss the civil lawsuit filed by the plaintiff named Jessie Garcia. This person is said to be in the crowd going to the Astroworld music festival.

Travis Scott issues a joint denial of all charges against him, his company, and his record label in Jessie Garcia’s Travis Scott lawsuit

The Daily Mail reports that sources close to the star say he is planning to issue a similar response to the dozens of lawsuits, demanding billions of dollars, that have been brought to court. against him after the chaotic, trampling tragedy at the Astroworld music festival.

Travis Scott Lawsuit For Billions Of Dollars In Damages After The Tragedy At The Astroworld Music Festival
Travis Scott Lawsuit For Billions Of Dollars In Damages After The Tragedy At The Astroworld Music Festival

According to news site TMZ, this means that Travis Scott does not believe the deaths and injuries that occurred during the rapper’s event were his responsibility.

The Travis Scott move comes just a week after a motion was filed to merge Travis Scott lawsuits into a single one to handle. The court has yet to rule on that claim.

Astroworld music festival gathered up to 50,000 participants, and the aftermath of the disaster was too great. It has been described as a “mass casualty” incident, triggered from the moment the crowd began to flock to the front of the stage, causing panic and resulting in injury.

In addition to the 10 people who died, more than 300 others were treated at a makeshift hospital set up near the festival.

Soon after, Travis Scott shared on his page expressing pain and depression. He affirmed that he would do his best to coordinate with authorities in investigating casualties as well as helping the victim’s families. However, numerous lawsuits against Travis Scott are being filed against him, guest rapper Drake, the event management company, and the stadium where the event is held.

The bad news about Travis Scott lawsuit doesn’t stop there, in addition to facing the number of lawsuits and the amount of compensation increasing day by day, the brands and brands that are close to the male rapper are also moving. attitude “turned on” with Kylie Jenner’s lover.

Guest Drake Was Also Sued in Travis Scott Lawsuit
Guest Drake Was Also Sued in Travis Scott Lawsuit

The amount of the claim gradually increased from a total of 750 million USD to 2 billion USD. Several lawyers represent 125 victims and then 282 victims share a claim after the tragedy. If the Travis Scott lawsuit is not resolved, he will face huge amounts of compensation, his career will be ruined.

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Travis Scott is a rapper, singer, and music producer. He has 4 studio albums and received 8 music awards. Not only that, Travis Scott has 8 Grammy nominations.

Mixed opinions occurred when festival video clips were released. In it, many spectators shouted to stop the show because of the chaotic crowd, many people fainted, but Travis Scott continued to perform. He only stopped when officials reported casualties. Some of the public blamed Travis Scott for not stopping sooner to reduce casualties, but others suggested that the singer might not have been aware of the seriousness of his performance due to being on stage. This is what led to the fact that fans wrote Travis Scott lawsuit

The Travis Scott lawsuit will certainly be very long and, likely, the number of compensation will not end here. Follow the Travis Scott Store for the latest updates on the Travis Scott lawsuit and products related to Travis Scott. Thanks for your attention.

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