Travis Scott Nike Air Is Back After The Astroworld Festival Carnival Disaster

Following the tragic events that took place at the last Astroworld Festival, Nike felt it was necessary to suspend all product launches tied to Travis Scott until they were all gone.
It looks like Travis Scott’s upcoming Nike collaborations have returned to their intended program. The rapper Travis Scott Nike Air Max 1 and Air Trainer 1 were both put on hold following the catastrophic Astroworld disaster that left 10 people dead, others injured, and millions of dollars in litigation that affected Travis Scott’s upcoming collaborations. other famous brands.
Less than a year after Travis Scott’s deadly Astroworld fiasco, the rapper and Nike are said to be getting ready to resume their collaborative releases. Although Nike took some time to delay the launch of the planned sneakers.
But now that the city rapper has slowly returned to the spotlight with promotional trailers for his latest album and performances at various events, it looks like Swoosh is finally here. ready to launch their next collaborations. Cactus chief Jack has got a bunch of Travis Scott Nike Air Max 1 and Travis Scott Nike Air Trainer 1 ready, the latter of which have just been revealed via official images.
Although originally slated to release on December 16 of last year, Nike SNKRS has decided to postpone the much-anticipated launch of Travis Scott’s Nike Air Max 1 line indefinitely out of respect for the all those affected by the tragic events at the Astroworld Festival. Now, six months after the crash, Swoosh has announced that five versions of the remastered retro trainers will launch later this month.

Travis Scott Nike Air Max 1 Baroque Brown

Travis Scott Nike Air Max 1 Baroque Brown
The Baroque Brown Colorway opts for a tonal vibe with earthy tones. The upper is made of lemon mesh, while Baroque brown takes up the fenders and heel cleats. Finally, the wheat color is seen on the tongue and coatings.
The inverted rectangle is seen on the side and is covered in Lemon drop, with additional details added with Nike Pocket Knife-influenced straps around the heel and eye area.
The cord and tongue lining are done in a red cord design. The cactus company branding is done in a baroque brown color, which is more visible on the outer part. The mole is made in contrasting colors of Lemon drops.

Travis Scott Nike Air Max 1 Saturn Gold

Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 1 Saturn Gold
The Saturn Gold / Tea Tree Mist / Lent colorway includes an upper wheat color grid as the base color, while the Saturn Gold color takes up the coatings and blades. The reverse-signed vintage cleat is seen on the side of the shoe, highlighting the stitched beads on the iconic logo.
The traditional toe section also has a similar bead pattern, but in the middle of the shoe. The Air Max 1 sneakers also feature nylon details in the heel area and lace eyelets with co-branded pennants stitched at the heel.
The shoe’s most striking features include bohemian-patterned nylon straps below the collar and mismatched Nike and Cactus Jack logos sewn into the heel.
Cactus Jack branding is sewn onto the label’s tongue tags, while the tonal look further accentuates the midsole and Air Max unit. The dark exterior has the word “Cactus Corporation” written on it.

Travis Scott Nike Air Trainer 1 Coriander

Travis Scott Nike Air Trainer 1 Coriander
Travis Scott Nike Air Trainer 1 Coriander
Air Trainer 1 Coriander Colorway arrives with Coriander / Ashen Slate / Wheat / Light Sienna Colorscheme. This sneaker features a velvet and mesh upper in different shades of brown and light pink.
The black heel counter features a small pocket with the lettering Cactus Corporation in pink, while the same branding is seen on the forefoot strap of the sneakers.
The traditional signature inverted swoosh is featured on the midsole of the sneakers, while the exact same is seen on the side panels.
The design is finished with buttons placed all over the sneakers, used with the shroud.

Travis Scott Nike Air Trainer 1 Grey Haze

Travis Scott x Air Trainer 1 Grey Haze
Travis Scott x Air Trainer 1 Grey Haze
The Travis Scott Nike Air Trainer 1 Gray Haze comes in a Gray Haze / Olive Aura / Canvas colorway. The upper is engineered with a velvet fabric upper in Light Smoke Gray, and a honey and chlorophyll-colored upper that pops throughout the sneakers.
The shoes offer a Nike Air Trainer 1 OG colorway vibe. “Cactus Corporation” branding is embossed on the midfoot strap. Scott’s signature backslashes are featured on the midsole, while traditional casual iconic quotes are outlined on the side panels of the shoe.
Grain/Sail Gray lines overlay the toe area and heel area in a carbon fiber-like pattern, while the heel features a fold-over pocket. The Cactus Jack brand is featured on the garment bag.
The shoes also feature buttons placed throughout the sneakers, used with a shroud. Completing the design are the two-tone stacking soles with rubber outsoles on the Air Max 1 Mids and rear zippered pockets.
The design is finished with a smoky gray midsole and outsole, respectively.
Nike’s launch is Travis’ first launch since Astroworld to date. These first four pairs of Air Max 1 and Air Trainer 1 will be released on May 27. Promises to bring you impressive shoes. Above are interesting things to know about Air Max 1 and Air. Trainer Travis Scott in the Travis Scott Nike Air collection. Hope it helps readers. Thank you and don’t forget to visit the Travis Scott Store for the latest updates on the Travis Scott Nike Air.

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