La scoop on Le Frock

le frock about us

Le Frock is located in the Seattle neighborhood of Capitol Hill. Boutiques dot the commercial streets, specifically on Pike and Pine Streets. Look for us on the the 600 block of East Pike. It is in the center of the LGBT life in Seattle and a center of the city’s counterculture.
Loosely translated, Le Frock means “the dress” or “the clothes” in French. And at our shoppe, we buy and consign outstanding new and gently used both contemporary and vintage men’s and women’s designer clothing and accessories.

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Le Frock is twenty years young, loving life in ze vibrant, historic and always eclectic Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Most of the hilly streets are dotted with coffeehouses, cafe’s, taverns, restaurants, and residences that cover the gamut from studio apartments to some of the city’s most grand and venerable mansions. Our customers are straight and gay, black and white, blue haired and tattooed, Hawaiian-shirted and buttoned down-collared. But they all have deux things in common—they have great style and we love them immensely.